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DeadHeaven: eBook I (Ultra HiRes)

Image of DeadHeaven: eBook I (Ultra HiRes)

File type: PDF
Resolution: 1800 x 2005 pixels
File size: 157 MB

Full Colour / 52 Pages / English
Writer / Artist: Christopher Steininger

The visceral fantasy / horror adventure begins here! The long-fought Heritage Wars have been brought to a tense standstill, but the world of Saitha is on edge an apocalyptic upheaval as the mysterious cult of the High Father rises in power. Loaded with moody intrigue and bloody action, this issue introduces several of the key players like Gailann, the untimely and unsteady new king of Heluna, Thumm Quiet, the necromancer with a bounty on his head, L'Odium the elven assassin, and the unlikely lovestruck huckster, William Berry.

Contains graphic violence and nudity.

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