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After a very successful crowdfunding effort, production of the In Search of Hannibal graphic novel is in full swing.

Written by Nikolas "Lindybeige" Lloyd & illustrated by Christopher Steininger, In Search of Hannibal will delve into one of the most extraordinary wars of all time: the Second Punic War. Many people may have heard of how Hannibal marched with elephants over the Alps, but far fewer know the full story of this astonishing struggle

You can see some of our progress at where every Monday a new page is uploaded for you to read. We are well ahead of where the story is on that site, but we want to make sure everyone can see that we are indeed plugging away the project. We're only going to do this once, so we want to make it as amazing as possible. We are putting an incredible amount of effort into this work and we appreciate the patience of our backers.

It will be well worth it!

We are still taking pre-orders, should you wish to order a copy. Just click the link above.

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Deluxe perfect bound hardcover.
148+ full colour pages.
Over-sized Franco-Belgian format. (23.5cm x 33.5cm)

Price is in Canadian funds.
$36 CAD = ~ €25 EURO