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The Children of Odin - Building the Walls of Asgard - Signed Print

$50.00 CAD


"How long will it take you to build a wall that will go round our City?" said the Father of the Gods.
"A year, O Odin," said the Stranger.
Now Odin knew that if a great wall could be built around it the Gods would not have to spend all their time defending their City, Asgard, from the Giants, and he knew that if Asgard were protected, he himself could go amongst men and teach them and help them. He thought that no payment the Stranger could ask would be too much for the building of that wall.
That day the Stranger came to the Council of the Gods, and he swore that in a year he would have the great wall built. Then Odin made oath that the Gods would give him what he asked in payment if the wall was finished to the last stone in a year from that day.
The Stranger went away and came back on the morrow. It was the first day of Summer when he started work. He brought no one to help him except a great horse.

Illustration by Christopher Edwin Steininger
18" x 12" (45.7 cm x 30.5 cm) print on heavy acid free paper
Individually signed by the artist
Shipped flat