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The Children of Odin - Hreidmar's son, Otter - Signed Print

$45.00 CAD


"Why dost thou make such an outcry, old man?" said Odin.
"Ye have slain my son Otter," shrieked the old man. "This in my hands is the skin of my son."
As Hreidmar said this two young men bearing the forehammers of the smithies came in followed by the thralls. "Strike these men dead with your forehammers, O Fafnir, O Regin," their father cried. "Otter, who used to stay in the river, and whom I changed by enchantment into a river beast that he might fish for me, has been slain by these men."

Illustration by Christopher Edwin Steininger
11" x 14" (27.9 cm x 35.6 cm) print on heavy acid free paper
Individually signed by the artist
Shipped flat